Addictaball: Addictive Ball of Fun!

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There are hundreds if not thousands of mazes and puzzles available that are played a few times before they start collecting dust. Then there’s Addictaball, a fun-packed 3D puzzle that features 138 stages and will keep you occupied and addicted for days!

It’s a is a clear plastic sphere, and within in lies the 138 total moves to complete, each one requiring a steady hand and an ability to think round corners as you try to work out how to tilt the sphere.

The maze is ingenious, with several clever obstacles for you to get work your way around. The toy is well constructed and very durable and will last a long time. As frustrating as it can be at times, it is highly addictive. After your first attempt you will struggle to give it up and stop, and if you do complete it there is no doubt you will want to start it all over again to prove it wasn’t just luck!

  • Infuriating 3D maze puzzle
  • 138 numbered tricky stages to guide the ball through
  • Flips, spirals, drops, swinging arm features and worse designed to complicate the game
  • Fun to play–hours of entertainment for all the family
  • 19 centimetres in diameter

You can get the small Addictaball from for £7.99.