As a child, you’re always pushing boundaries and changing spaces. From tents to bedrooms, there’s no doubt that making it your own is what you do best. So imagine if you could change the shape and size of every playroom you step foot in.

These Aerobloks are unique building systems for creative play which help children learn about space, structure and creativity. Each blok is made from furniture grade, lightweight vinyl and can withstand up to 145lbs of children!

These Aerobloks can be stacked to form structures up to 9 feet high that won’t fall over. The pieces slot together using easy to use Velcro connectors, and are shiny and easy to manoeuvre so that all kids can create the things they imagine.

These portable, quick to inflate bloks come with an electric pump to help make play and learning more easily accessible. Aerobloks are easy to deflate and store, too. These are an ideal way to inflate your child’s learning experience and their confidence.

Here are a couple of videos that show you just what these cool bloks are capable of…

They are available for purchase from and are currently on sale for £149.95.



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