Arcade Mania’ Upright Arcade Machine

Containing over 150 different classic games this upright Arcade Machine will have any gamer, or retro collector, drooling with desire.

With a few little updates to take it into the 21st century including digital sound, dynamic graphics, and a high res, colour monitor you’ll get the classic experience with enhanced hardware – making it the perfect play! Like the classic machines you can also play with, or against someone with the 1 or 2 person player option.

Other features include: A 14″ high resolution colour monitor, digital sound, spectacular colour & dynamic graphics, a scroll down the on-screen menu, an pause button – the list goes on an on!

To top it all off the screen is protected by high impact clear perspex protection and the professionally crafted, pub quality, retro styled, cabinet is fitted with genuine arcade buttons & joystick controls. It really has been designed for those who want the authenticity & reliability of the original machines with a modern touch!

Games included:

Power Soccer Onyanko Town Raid on Bay Sasa
Doughboy Asteroyds Route 16 Tiger-Heli
F1 Race Gyrodine Mach Rider Island 2
Boxing Arkanoid Spartan X Calculate
Wrestle Contra Pooyan Super Chinese
Popeye Street Fighter Geimos Volguard II
Ninja I S py Hunter Thexder Penguin
Ninja II S py vs S py Challenger Baltron
Ninja III Elevator Action Clu Clu Land Peepar Time
Combat Gradius Twinbee Star Luster
Hydlide Balloon Flight Aso Badminton
Space Hunter Cross Fire Babel World Cup Soccer
B-Wings Binary Land Metro-Cross Baseball
Double Strike Galg Sky Kid Tennis
Sky Destroyer Jewelry Jajamaru Wrecking Crew
Bomber Man Star Force Quarth Lode Runner
Duck Eg gs Exerion Solomon Key Lode Runner 2
Magmax Formation-Z F15 City War Go lf
The New Type Macross Transformation Contra Force
Circus Charlie Banana Mickey Mouse Heavy Barrel
Zippy Race Lotlot Ice Hockey Wan Wan Panic
Nuts & Milk Bokosuka Wars Pro Wrestling Choplifter
Chitei Fight Gyruss Volleyball Front Line
Urusei Track & Field Kung Fu Antarctic Adventure
Missile Command Paper Boy Star Soldier Urban Champion
Space Aliens Spelunker Argus Flappy
Pinball Seicross Aladin Multi Labyrinth
Double Dragon Goonies Knights Fight 1942
Scramble Lunar Ball Karateka 100m Dash
Flipull Exed Exes City Connection Long Jump
Alpine Ski Excitebike Door Door 100m Hurdles
Arabian Son Son 10-Yard Fight Brush Roller
80 Days Road Fighter Soccer High Jump
Star Gate Turtle 5 Othello Javelin
Bowling Max Warrior Lolo Skeet Shoot
Pandamar Sqoon Ice Climber Triple Jump
Archery Bomb Jack Tank 90 Devil World

You can pick this up from for £1379.95.