Harper the Hippo Soapsox Soft Toy

Bath time is about to get a whole lot cuter with these SoapSox. A collection of unique, soft, and super ruddy colourful characters – hygiene is now far more enjoyable.

Simply squish a bar of soap into the designated entry point (the mouth) and stuff it in some water. Next stop: luxurious, lathery bath goodness.

Why the mouth? Well, we’d advise you not to be fooled by these adorable critters. They’ve got frightful potty mouths on them. Each one of them boasts a harrowing penchant for F-bombs, especially little Jackson. In all honestly, Harper’s even been known to drop a C word or two in her time.

  •  Take a splash on the wild side with these spongy creatures
  •  The perfect way to get your tots less hygiene- shy
  •  Shove ‘N Scrub. (Shove soap in their gobs then scrub)
  •  Choose from four uber adorable characters
  •  A hilarious soapy lark for all the family

You can pick up your very own Harper the Hippo Soapsox soft toy for £12.99 from Firebox.com