Barbie Doll 3-Story House

Welcome to the magical world of Barbie where imaginations run wild…..

Kids will become part of Barbie’s luxurious lifestyle in this beautiful three-story dream townhouse, which has been designed for ages three years and over. It’s over three feet tall and is fully furnished to include the lights and sounds on every level of the townhouse. Kids will love the role playing adventures with Barbie and her friends in her beautiful home.

Barbie Doll 3-Story Dream Townhouse 6
Barbie Doll 3-Story Dream Townhouse 4

This three story townhouse has a pink personal elevator with lights and sounds on each level. The front door has a beautifully glowing light-up chandelier, dining area and kitchen that comes fully stocked. In the second-level living room there’s a glowing fireplace, a pop up flat screen TV as well as a luxurious Barbie signature bathroom that looks fabulous. On the third and final floor there is a stunningly posh bedroom suite with a canopy bed and a balcony with light-up tiki lights and an outdoor whirlpool tub.

Barbie Doll 3-Story Dream Townhouse
Barbie Doll 3-Story Dream Townhouse 10

But wait, it doesn’t stop here! They will love the realistic sound effects in the house too. Someone at the door? Listen for the sound of the doorbell. Preparing dinner? Don’t forget to set the kitchen timer and hear it tick. Is it a cold night? Why not turn on the crackling fireplace. Maybe its hte end of an exhausting day? Freshen up with a shower that hums and you can even listen to the sound of the flushing toilet. It’s the perfect toy to encourage imaginative role play that will provide hours and hours of fun. Note that the doll is not included.

Barbie Doll 3-Story Dream Townhouse 9
Barbie Doll 3-Story Dream Townhouse 8

There are more than 55 pieces and accessories, and the townhouse comes equipt with five fully furnished, deluxe rooms with chandeliers, a fireplace, and a refrigerator that all light up. There’s an outdoor spa as well as an area with a whirlpool tub.The townhouse also features a pink, personal elevator, which can easily move from floor to floor by pulling the string.

Barbie Doll 3-Story Dream Townhouse 7
Barbie Doll 3-Story Dream Townhouse 5

Barbie can provide plenty of entertainment for her friends by having them come dine with her as she puts together a meal using all the items in her fully stocked kitchen, or they can watch a movie on her pup-up flat-screen TV.

Barbie Doll 3-Story Dream Townhouse 3
Barbie Doll 3-Story Dream Townhouse 2

Barbie’s 3-Story Dream Townhouse is the perfect play-set all Barbie lovers, and this townhouse provides the perfect setting for plenty of interactive, role-playing adventures, and has everything Barbie needs to entertain her guests.

What’s Included?

  • Tons of Barbie fun on three levels!
  • Over 55 pieces and accessories. (Batteries not included.)
  • House pieces
  • Stickers
  • A pink personal elevator
  • Roaring fireplace
  • Pop up flat screen tv
  • Ultra-luxurious Barbie signature bathroom
  • Sounds include doorbell, kitchen timer, crackling fireplace, shower humming, and flushing toilet.

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