Batman Super Friends Batcave

Batman Super Friends Batcave 2

Stimulate your imagination and get creative with the Batman Super Friends Batcave playset by Imaginext!

When the world needs to be saved, the world needs Batman, and his good friend , Robin, who is included with this playset.  You also get a well detailed Batman Motorcycle, or Batcycle, which has batwings themed on it.

Time is usually against you when trying to save the world, so this Batcycle will ensure that Batman can get to his destination quickly! Batman can sit, lean and even grips hold of the handle bars, which is pretty cool. The Batcycle has big enough wheels that it can stand on its own while stationary so when he’s done saving the world he can be sat on it and used as a cool display.

Now to the awesome Batcave! The first most notable feature is the size. It’s pretty big, and has tons of other features. It’s a play-through set  so you get a big drawbridge entry to the Batcave, which again, is pretty awesome. Once inside, Batman has several different levels with a pole that he can slide down to change into his superhero outfits just like in the old tv show.

There’s a swivelling cannon with peg holes that Batman or Robin to hold on to in order to protect the Batcave. There are three missels that you can plug into the cannon which blast out when you press the little button on top of the cannon, which will take out the bad guys! We love this feature!

When Batman catches a bad guy he can bring them back to the Batcave and put them in the prison-like cell which locks them inside for however long Batman deems necessary!

We mentioned earlier that there is a Bat-Pole, similar to a fireman’s pole. Batman or Robin can attach to this pole and there is a lever on the other side of the Batcave so you can meneuver them up and down the pole dependent on what level they need to be on. Yet another really cool feature!

One of the final cool big features is the bat-shaped hand-glider. This is housed at the top of the Batcave but can be detached when Batman needs it to glide over the city in search of any more criminals.

This entire playset is full of features that will open up any imagination and allow children to get creative as they re-enact their favourite scenes from the Batman cartoons or movies.  The recommended age is 3 to 8 years old, and can be picked up on