Big Wheel Fun With The Classic Radio Big Flyer Tricycle (Girls)

The big wheel is also a big classic. They’ve been around since they were introduced in the late 60’s. If you’ve had one, you will remember how much you loved it. Every kid will relish their big wheel experience. And the Radio Big Flyer is no doubt the coolest looking wheel on the market.

The radio flyer big wheel comes with an adjustable seat that is really easy to change so your child has plenty room. And because of this adjustable seat you won’t have to worry about your child outgrowing the wheel any time soon. For added safety there is also a flag that gives you good visibility of where your child is. The rubber tire gives it extra grip to help get up those steep hills.

Radio Flyer Big Flyer
Radio Flyer Big Flyer 2

There are several other big wheels on the market, many at a lower price, so what is special about the Radio Big Flyer? The problem with a lot of these other ‘big wheels’ on the market is their build quality. Some fall apart, others lose their functionality and many are so badly built that they can leave your child with several bruises and a very uncomfortable ride.

It is uncommon to find a big wheel with metal parts. Most are plastic throughout and also just as expensive, if not more! That’s what also sets this big wheel apart. It’s built at a very high quality making it extra stable and it won’t tip over easily at high speeds. The Radio Big Flyer is the most durable, comfortable Big Wheel offering the smoothest, most comfortable fun ride for children. It’s the Rolls-Royce of big wheels without the heavy price tag.

  • Real chrome handlebars and realistic gauges
  • Comfortable molded handgrips
  • 3 position grip tread
  • Mega wide rear slicks
  • Weight capacity 65-Pounds

You can get the girls version of the Radio Big Wheel Flyer on or click here for the boys version.