Get Creative with Chimeras Mix ‘n’ Match Soft Toys

Chimeras are a brand new breed of stuffed animal toys that allow kids to use their imagination in a fun and creative way. Each Chimera has detachable arms ears and legs, which can then be interchanged with one another allowing kids to create their own breed of animal.

Chimeras Giraffe & Panda

For instance, if you want to create a flying elephant, you could change the wings of a bat with the arms of the elephant to create your very own elebat! It’s a really cool concept and there are plenty of animals to get creative with including a Giraffe, Panda, Monkey, Rabbit, Frog and Owl. They automatically come in pairs so children are able to get creative as soon as they receive them.

Chimeras Elephant & Bat

Changing the body parts is really easy to do and once they are clicked into place they are nice and secure. The inventive idea of these unique soft toys is really cool and different to the normal soft toys you will find. They are designed to promote creative play and interaction with your children as well as a great bed-time companion.

Chimeras Monkey & Rabbit

The recommended age for children is 3 years and over, and you can pick a pair of these interchangeable animals up from for £39.99.