Create Your Own Hot Wheels With This Car Maker Playset

Turn your kitchen table into a Hot Wheels car factory!

Hot Wheels have been loved by kids for years, and their popularity continues to grow. This Hot Wheels Car Maker takes Hot Wheel cars to a completely new level by allowing you to create your very own Hot Wheels in around 15 minutes!

It’s fun, it’s creative, and it’s an activity that will bring parents and children together and it’s likely that both will have just as much fun in creating these awesome Hot Wheel cars. Save the cookie-making and cake baking for another weekend – it’s time to create your very own Hot Wheels!

Create Your Own Hot Wheels With This Car Maker Playset

This family project gets a 5 out of 5 for bringing the family together for a fun activity. Tablets, phones and consoles can all be put to the side while this manufacturing machine comes out to play. We’re also giving it five stars for its educational value. This includes the mold injection, following directions, assembling, troubleshooting and patience.

The car making machine will talk to you and guide you through the entire process making it simple and easy to complete your new Hot Wheel car. There are also several videos online to help guide you through the process too.

The molding process is clear and easy to complete, and after you complete your first car, the rest will be a breeze. But be warned: creating these cars becomes highly addictive and the kids will love making them!

Create Your Own Hot Wheels With This Car Maker Playset 3

Once the mold is finished it becomes a durable ‘plastic’ that will not break easily, and it will last a long time. There are 10 different colour molds so you can create different colour cars, three different chassis for different types of cars, and loads of graphics so you can get really creative and make the your new Hot Wheels look cool, stylish and unique.

Note that the melting of the wax usually takes around 6 minutes and the cooling down period is around 7 minutes. A little patience is required once the mold is being melted to transform the wax, forming the body of the car.

After the first car is created it is likely that there will be a small amount of wax left over. This will add an element of surprise when the next car is created since the colours will mix and give the car a really cool effect. Try to pick colours that complement each other when making more cars, and you will love the blended results! This will make the cars truly unique.

When the mold is finished and safely removed, the kids can get creative with the stickers as they put the finishing touches to their new Hot Wheels.

Create Your Own Hot Wheels With This Car Maker Playset 2

While the heating process is all done safely while insulated in the machine so that you can’t get burned, it is recommended that young children are supervised at all times during the wax heating and cooling down period. Internally you don’t touch anything hot. The entire process is contained inside the safe ‘manufacturing’ container. You also don’t have to worry about any bad smells when they are heated. The recommended age for this set is 5 years and over. But don’t be fooled by this, Adults. You will probably have just as much fun making them yourself!

The end result is a professional looking, sturdy eye catching Hot Wheel car that the kids can play with along with their other cars. Unless they just want to keep creating them that is!

  • Choose a mold and coloured wax stick for your vehicle
  • In about eight minutes, the Car Maker melts the wax into the car mold and cools off
  • Voice prompts will guide kids through the process
  • Attach molded vehicle body to one of the three included chassis
  • Decorate the car with decals in the sticker pack and race it on track (not included)
  • Lots of creative, imaginative play for your Hot Wheels fan

  • Turn a stick of wax into a fully functioning Hot Wheels car in a matter of minutes
  • Machine features lights and sounds to walk kids through the process
  • Heat up the unit, insert the mold and then the wax colour of your choice to make your very own customized vehicle
  • Includes car maker, 2 molds, 10 Protoshotz wax sticks, 3 chassis and sticker sheets
  • Award winner of The People’s Play Awards and America’s Wishlist

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