Despicable Me DAVE RC Inflatable Minion

Despicable Me DAVE RC Inflatable Minion 2

Are you ready to take control of your very own Despicable Me 2 radio controlled Minion and send him on an errand around the house? Well, you’ll probably recognize Dave from the popular film Despicable Me 2, and he has been inflated into a GIANT minion ready for you to play with via remote control.

This giant Minion is really light and easy to carry around, even for a child. On the bottom of his feet Dave as wheels, and with your easy-to-use remote control handset you can move him in different directions as well as spin him 360 degrees in case you need to get him away from his enemies! There is absolutely no need to worry if he does manage to get knocked over – he will simply bounce back onto his feet!

You can drive Dave indoors and outdoors, and you can send him up to 8 meters away before you will start to lose his frequency, which is perfect while indoors and not bad for outdoors if your garden isn’t huge. If you do have a big garden, you can just follow him around if he does fall out of range. Having said that, 8 meters is a fair distance and you will not be able to miss Dave as he’s pretty big in size!

  • Jumbo Size Minion – DAVE – Over 60cms tall
  • Official licenced product
  • Maximum driving rangs is 8 meters
  • Radio control frequency 27 Mhz
  • Drive forward, backwards, spin left and right
  • Comes with electronic protection mode
  • The drive unit may shut down automatically after around 5 minutes if it is left on unused to save battery
  • Warranty covers manufacturers faults only and not damage caused by user errors!
  • Requires 1 x 9V battery for the handset and 4 x AA batteries for the  drive unit, which are NOT included
  • Recommended for children aged 3 years and older

While it’s highly unlikely, if you do get bored of seeing Dave rolling around the house, he is interchangeable with other characters in the  ‘Pump ‘n Play ‘ range if you fancy someone else to boss around. He does require 1 x 9V battery for the handset and 4 x AA batteries for the drive unit, which are not included. You can check him out direct on