Disney Frozen Complete Story Playset

Disney Frozen Complete Story Doll Set 2

This popular Disney Frozen Story Figure Set by Mattel encourages children to use their imagination and recreate their favourite Frozen stories. The set includes six main characters from the popular Disney Frozen film.

Sven looks cool with his rubbery antlers, but the rest of him is a hollow hard plastic that feels cheaper than other figures.

Olaf the comical snowman has a moveable head, but his arms are quite thin and stuck in their position.

Prince Hans is much better quality with moveable arms and legs and a a moveable head and torso.

Kristoff has some good detail and also has moveable arms and legs with a  movable head and torso.

Elsa looks great with her long blond hair, her head moves more than males. She, too, has movable arms her fabric accessories have glitter and Velcro so that it can be removed.The lower portion of dress can also be removed, and the top portion of Elsa is painted on.

Anna also has a moveable head. She’s wearing a head piece, and a fabric skirt, and her rubbery outer cloak is removable.

All of the figures have slender feet making it difficult for them to stand on their own, especially the females. That being said, they are still great fun to play with.

These are recommended for kids aged 3 – 8 years old and are available on Amazon.co.uk