Electronic Pet Fish

This could be the perfect solution for kids that really want their own pet, but are too young to be fully responsible to look after one. The electronic pet fish can help them learn the some of the basic responsibilities required in having a pet like pretending to feed it and giving it fresh water, without the fear of this one being over-fed!

It will require adult assembly and is pretty easy to set up with the instructions. It’s important that you are careful with the wire that the fish sits on – do not bend it. When you have the module in the bottom of the tank fill it up to the max fill line. Put the batteries included into the top and screw it on. It’s pretty much as easy as that to set up! You can use a 6 volt battery power supply instead but this must be bought separately.

There are three modes you can use: Demo, Play & Extended Play.

Demo Play Mode: Once you have put it together you can give it a go in demo mode, which will make the fish swim for 30 seconds if you tap the top.

Play Mode: In play mode, the fish will swim for 90 seconds with lights, which are situated under the cap. You can also tap the top to get the fish to swim, and he goes a little crazy like fish do in real life!

Extended Play Mode: In this mode, the fish will swim for 5 minutes with lights. Simply press the lights and watch him swim swim around the tank.

It looks great and extremely realistic in the light, but we think it looks better in the dark because the light changes colour, which keeps it looking really cool. Now you can sit back, relax and watch your little gold fish enjoy his new home! If you’d like to pick him up you can get him for £22.95 from geniegadgets.com