Fisher-Price Discover and Grow Jumperoo

Enhance your baby’s motor skills with the Fisher-Price Discover and Grow Jumperoo. Moving, spinning and jumping are all important to help babies develop their motor skills. Babies will also learn how to discover through play as they learn to interact with its many features.

It is specially designed to help babies easily spin 360 degrees safely, and they are completely surrounded by cool little interactive toys whatever direction they choose to be in. At 6 months old, this is something they will have to get the hang of, but when they get used to spinning it they will love it.

Just some of the interactive toys your baby can discover include a monkey to bat at, a roller ball, teether, a spinning penguin, froggy teether, mirror, a piano to play, and there are plenty more. They can learn about music with the piano that plays music and begin to familiarize themselves with all the animals surrounding the Jumperoo, preparing them for their first adventure to the zoo.

The more your baby plays the more they will learn and develop their little brain as they learn how their actions cause each toy to be effected in their own way. When they move around in a circle and jump up and down they will be strengthening their motor skills, and the colourful toys and musical sounds will further enhance your baby’s senses.

The main musical toy has two settings: one that’s movement activated with music, and the other plays the music without movement. There are also two volumes, low and high. It does require assembly, and it’s really easy to put together. Just note that when you remove it from the box the seat may be hidden on the underside of the Jumperoo! Some people assume it has come without the seat until they notice it hidden there.

The toys simply click in to place, and with the exception of the main battery operator toy, once the toys have been clicked into place they will be stuck in for good unless they are pried out. We don’t recommend that you try to pry the toys back out as this can damage the plastic.

The seat is suspended by three springs and for added safety they have covers on them to avoid the risk of babies getting their fingers caught in them. It also has three adjustable position straps, which can be easily adjusted as your baby grows.

  • The Discover and Grow Jumperoo is a free-standing jumper that allows baby to jump in a safe environment
  • Seat suspended by three springs that allows children to hop up and down and provides limited travel from left to right and front to back
  • Seat is adjustable in height by means of three position straps like the existing product, with springs attached to a free-standing frame
  • Suitable for babies who are able to support their own head
  • This Jumperoo incorporates lights and sounds which help entertain baby and rewards them for jumping, seat pad also machine-washable

Overall we’d have to say that this is one of the best Jumperoo’s we’ve seen. It’s full of toys, durable and very safe and sturdy. The 360 degree turning is nice and easy for even a 6 month old to get used to and use, and there are plenty of colourful, interactive toys for them to discover and keep them entertained with. It’s recommended for ages 6 months plus and is available from Fisher-Price via