Fisher Price Little People Disney Princess Palace

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace

Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace is such a “magical” place

Bring any Little People Disney princess to the pedestal on the Magic Dance Floor. You’ll hear her name, different phrases and even a classic Disney song. Cinderella and Snow White figures are included. (Ariel, Tiana, Rapunzel, Aurora, Jasmine and Belle are sold separately). Disney prince figures are also available–and when you bring them to the palace you’ll hear a waltz.

The palace will recognise each Little People Disney princess and respond with her name, special phrases and a song. There’s a lift to take the princesses to the balcony in royal fashion, a mirror to see who the fairest one of all really is, and a fountain lever that can be slid back and forth to see the princesses dance.

Features fit for a princess

Every time the doors of the Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace open a fanfare is heard. Push down on the tea kettle in the kitchen to hear whistling sounds. And when Cinderella is placed on the pedestal on the Magic Dance floor you can hear her say “Oh, I lost my glass slipper” or sing “A Dream is a wish your Heart Makes” from her movie.

Snow White says such things as “Hi, my name is Snow White” and sings “Waiting for My Prince”. And when other Little People Disney Princess figures are brought to the palace they’ll each speak their own phrases and sing songs too. (Additional princesses sold separately).

Imagine being a princess

The Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace is a place where imagination lives and grows. Your little one will love re-enacting familiar scenes from the Disney movies she’s seen. And soon enough you’ll see her creating stories of her own.

As she plays with the princesses in the palace, she’ll begin to understand spatial relationships: “on” or “off” the dance floor, “up” or “down” the lift, “open” or “close” the door and so much more. She’ll delight in placing a princess on the pedestal on the Magic Dance Floor to hear her say her name, phrase or sing a classic Disney song. And at the same time she’ll be learning that her actions can make things happen.

  • Introduce children to classic Disney Princesses with the Little People
  • Includes 7 palace play areas
  • Place any princess on the magical palace dance floor to hear her name, phrases, and a song
  • Includes Cinderella and Snow White
  • Toddler appropriate play features and adorable Little People styling

Recommended for toddlers aged 18 months to children aged 5 years old, this play-set is available direct from