Hannah Montana Guitar Video Game

Girls, grab your guitars and get ready to rock with the Hannah Montana Pop Tour Guitar Video Game! This fun, interactive game is played with a colorful, lightweight plastic guitar that bring the songs of Hannah Montana alive through your television. Rock your way through a nationwide tour, or play with friends to show off your rock-star talent. This video game is ideal for ages 8 to 14.

Master Your Guitar Skills Before You Take The Stage

In Free Play mode you can choose from any of the songs you have unlocked in the Pop Tour mode and play to your heart’s content. You can also compete with a friend in the Head-to-Head mode, where you each take turns rocking out to any of the songs unlocked in the Pop Tour mode. To get started, simply have an adult insert four AA batteries into the guitar game controller and hook up the controller to a television with the AV cables provided. Once you’ve got the main menu up on your screen, you can choose the Tutorial option to learn how to play notes, strum a chord, play held notes and use the Crowd Meter. After you’ve become familiar with thee guitar game controller, you’re ready to rock! The Gallery provides a place for you to view all of the awards you’ve won during play.

Hanna Montana GuitarAre You Ready For Your Nationwide Pop Tour?

The Hannah Montana video game features three game-play modes including Pop Tour, Free Play and Head to Head. In the Pop Tour mode your challenge is to move your way through major cities while adding additional songs to your play list. Your progress is monitored by a “Crowd Meter” that indicates how well you’re playing each song. If you play a song well you can advance to another city and add another song to your repertoire.

The Hannah Montana guitar video game is a fun and challenging game that encourages girls to take the center stage as they play their favorite Hannah Montana songs on the brightly-colored guitar game controller. The controller is made of lightweight plastic and features details that are similar to a real guitar, even down to the wah-wah bar and shoulder strap.

Because this interactive game requires hand-eye coordination, it is advisable to practice using the fun Tutorial provided. In the Tutorial you will learn how to hit the right notes by pressing the correct buttons and strumming as notes drop down the screen into the Target Zone. With a little practice and a lot of fun, you can complete all three tutorials and hit center stage like a pro! And with the variety of play modes and a total of 10 Hannah Montana songs to learn and master, this game will provides hours of challenging entertainment and engaging fun.

  • Play along to licensed Hannah Montana hits
  • Plug n play technology hence no need for separate console
  • Match notes and beats in sequence to play along with Hannah
  • Feel like you are apart of Hannah’s band
  • Rock out on-screen with Hannah and her hottest hits

Recommended for Ages 5 – 15 Years Old and you can get it direct from Amazon.co.uk