Hello Kitty Schoolhouse

Mega Bloks Hello Kitty School House

Enjoy learning with the Mega Bloks Hello Kitty Schoolhouse. This two-level schoolhouse comes with more than 75 pieces that kids ages four and up can use to create a learning environment for Hello Kitty and her friend, Fifi.

The interlocking pieces form different classrooms, including a music room, art studio, and a library, along with other classrooms. The Schoolhouse is also compatible with other Mega Blocks Hello Kitty building sets (sold separately), so kids can collect and create an entire town for Hello Kitty and her friends to explore.

Create a Two-Level Learning Center for Hello Kitty

Help your child discover how much fun learning can be with the Mega Bloks Hello Kitty Schoolhouse. This multistory schoolhouse features a frame with open-and-shut front doors and spaces to put the classrooms. The floors of the various rooms do not lock down to the schoolhouse structure, making it easy to build the rooms outside the base and slide them into the slots for play.

More Than 75 Pieces

The Schoolhouse comes with more than 75 pieces, including paintbrushes for the art studio, desks, chairs, musical instruments, and many other school-related items. The set even comes with an apple for Hello Kitty’s desk!

And kids can decorate and customize their learning areas using the included assortment of stickers. Your young one will be able to add maps to the classroom wall, hang graduation photos of Kitty and her friends, and decorate classroom walls with letters, numbers, and themed motifs.

Design Promotes Imaginative Play

With an open back and fully designed front, Hello Kitty and her friend, Fifi, can play out front in the school yard for recess. When it’s time to learn, the back of the building is completely open, so kids can easily help Kitty and Fifi with their homework or help them learn to play an instrument.

The instructions offer clear direction on how each of the rooms can be set up. However, the interlocking pieces can also be rearranged an endless amount of times, allowing for plenty of new, exciting combinations.

  • Includes 5 classrooms
  • Accessories for tons of decorating possibilities!
  • Comes with Hello Kitty and Fifi
  • Can be combined with other Mega Bloks Hello Kitty characters and playsets
  • For ages 4+

What’s in the Box

Hello Kitty Schoolhouse frame, Hello Kitty and Fifi figures, 75 pieces, stickers, and assembly instructions. It’s recommended for children aged 4 to 15 years old and is available direct from Amazon.co.uk



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