Introducing Dora The Explorer & Boots: Super Skaters!

Fisher-Price Skate & Spin Dora the Explorer & Boots

Fisher-Price Skate & Spin Dora the Explorer & Boots

These skatemates are inspired by the Nickelodeon television special, Dora’s Great Roller Skate Adventure! Kids will be delighted watching Dora & Boots magically skate & spin across the floor! Their super-skating routines are complete with upbeat music and English and Spanish phrases. Kids can also use the free-play mode to create their own fantastic routines!


Fisher-Price Skate & Spin Dora the Explorer & Boots 2

“Wheely” Impressive Moves!

Start the adventure by pressing the heart-shaped button on Dora’s skate. She and Boots will then begin one of their very special skating routines! Kids will be amazed as Dora and Boots hold hands and skate side-by-side! As the music plays, these skatemates will swing in, meet together and swing & skate back out again! They’ll also skate forward and backward and spin in circles together! Now, that’s teamwork!


Fisher-Price Skate & Spin Dora the Explorer & Boots 3

It’s Time for the Conga Line!

Dora and Boots can also skate in a conga line! Simply place Dora in front of Boots and watch as this dynamic duo takes off spinning and skating in a conga line formation! Next time, Boots can lead the way! Just place him in front of Dora to watch them zoom off into another all-star skating performance!


Fisher-Price Skate & Spin Dora the Explorer & Boots 4

Create Your Own Routines!

Kids can also be part of Team Dora & Boots by creating & designing new skating routines! Simply slide the switch on the bottom of Dora’s skate to start free play mode. Dora and Boots will now roll freely, allowing kids to move and skate them around on brand new adventures!



Skate-Mates Forever!

Dora & Boots make a fantastic skating team and your child can join the adventure! With upbeat music and interactive phrases, kids will not only be dazzled by this super-skating team but they’ll also be encouraged to clap and sing along too! Includes 4 “AA” (LR6) Alkaline Batteries. Recommended for Ages 5 and over.

  • Dora & Boots magically skate together!
  • Watch as they skate side-by-side, spin or skate in a conga line!
  • Free-play mode allows kids to create their own routines!
  • Dazzling routines complete with music and English & Spanish phrases!
  • Inspired by the special television episode, Dora’s Great Roller Skate Adventure
  • Best Friends Dora and Boots just love skating together!
  • Press the button on Dora’s skate to start the action! Fun
  • Song or tune plays as Dora and Boots skate and spin

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