Turn Your iPad into a Mini Arcade Machine!

The iCade Gaming Arcade has to be one of the coolest iPad accessories around, but it was originally never meant to be! Let us explain… This mini-arcade machine originally hit the web as an April fools day prank on Think Geek’s website. The response to this was so enthusiastic that it was eventually built to be the product it is today, which you can buy!

It comes flat packed and takes around 10 – 15 minutes to put together It will integrate with and turn your iPad into a mini arcade machine and it’s fully compatible with the FREE Atari Greatest Hits app with one free game, which you will have to download from the app store! It’s cool retro design is reminiscent of the old arcade machines many of us played as children and still play today.

It is completely wireless with Bluetooth capability and works seamlessly. You simply press any button to turn it on, and it will switch itself off when it’s left inactive for a short period of time. There is a coin slot featured on this machine, but don’t worry, you won’t be needing any money to play this arcade machine! It’s just there for show and lights up when the machine is on. A pretty cool feature we think!

It’s easy to sync this with your iPad or tablet, since this will work with any device that has Bluetooth capability, and if you happen to lose the instructions, there are instructions to remind you of how to set up the Bluetooth beneath the top panel of the cradle.

As much as we’d love to tell you that it feels just like a real arcade machine, we cant! They feel okay and have good responsive tactility and sound just like the real thing, but the buttons and joystick feel cheap when compared to the real thing. Anyone that grew up playing arcade machines will notice this! Having said this, they look great and sound the part but just don’t feel as they do on the original machines. Even the joystick is firm, it feels durable and not like it’s going to snap off if you give it a good tug while playing PONG.

The layout’s slightly cramped, but this is to be expected since the unit is pretty small. Once you get used to the size, however, it becomes much easier to use and really is a lot of fun to play with. It isn’t too power hungry and does have a 5v power adaptor connection but you’d have to buy the plug cable separately to use. There’s also a small provision inside the cabinet for you to insert and plug your device in and charge while you play.

Overall this is definitely one of the coolest iPad accessories around that we’ve seen. It’s not the cheapest iPad accessory you’ll find, but aside from the cheap feel of the buttons, it is durable, good quality and is physically and functionally stable. We  haven’t noticed any Bluetooth lag, and the games played really do play the way the games should be played. While the iCave will work with any Bluetooth device it’s worth checking the measurements first to ensure your device isn’t too big.

It’s a great enhancement to any tablet device and we think it’s worth their money if you’re into your arcade games. You can pick these up on Amazon.co.uk, and start playing many of the classic arcade games available in the App store!