Kidkraft Waterfall Mountain Train Table and Set

Waterfall Mountain Train Table & Set

The Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table feature a fun and exciting setting for your child to engage in imaginative play. The set has 120 different pieces including tracks, trains and additional items such as buildings and bridges. Three sturdy red plastic bins slide under the table so you can easily store extra pieces when not in use.

The play board features a silk-screened landscape for a clean and shiny surface that will appeal to any child, and special T-molded edges prevent chipping so this table will look great for years to come. The 1″ lip ensures that toys will stay on the play table, but provides ample room for your child to reach over the table.

  • 120-piece set
  • 3 storage bins
  • 3 durable red plastic bins that slide under the table for effortless storage
  • Special T-molded edges to prevent chipping
  • Silk-screened landscaped play board
  • 1″ lip to keep toys on the play table
  • Sturdy construction
  • Composite wood table and accessories, solid wood train track, and plastic accessories
  • Dimensions: 48.75″L x 34.5″W x 16″H

Recommended for ages 3 years and over this table and train set is available for purchase direct from