Monster High Freaky Fusion Catacombs Playset

Monster High Freaky Fusion Catacombs Playset

Are you ready to use your imagination and create your own Monster High play?! We welcome you then to the town of New Salem where humans and monsters live! This giant three-level-high Fusion Catacombs Playset has multiple play areas and an elevator to get from one floor to the next if you’d prefer not to use the stairs.

At the top level you have three little bats on top of the roof with the monster high school. The cool black gates have a spider web design, which can be opened or closed. This is a grass area and has a pink skull-shaped table with a long white leg, almost mimicking a mushroom.

There’s a fence and tombstone, which you can connect a Monster High doll to. This is of particular significance since the tombstone also acts as a working lift to help your dolls get to a different level. To activate the lift you simply use the handle behind it and pull it up or down to the desired level. Note that the dolls are not included.

On the second level down on to the catacombs there is a little balcony with a cool little gargoyle underneath it. On the left-hand side leading beyond the gate there is a stairwell which takes you down to the second level. The second level has a purple stone floor with more little black gates.

There are blue pillars and little yellow torches on each side of the dragon, which is also blue with scary green eyes! The wall that the dragon sits on swivels around, and on the other side you can place any Monster High Doll you choose, which you can lock into place on the wall. One of the pillars has little cracks in it, and if you swivel the table on the floor above it will reveal little bats living inside. Nice little cool feature.

The ground level looks absolutely awesome and has two stairwells: one on the left and one on the right. There’s a beautiful purple archway with lots of detailed designs on the back. On each side of the archway there is a pillar that has skeletons on them. The floor has a black frame with a stone design, and the centre there is a reversible floor that’s made of cardboard, although it looks like a shiny plastic or glass when you look at it. You can choose from either a beautiful purple colour on one side with a skull in the middle or a blue floor, both have a skull in the middle.

Under the stairwell there is a secret purple door, and on top of this there is a yellow clock that has moving hands. There’s a nice little feature with this clock and secret door. In order to open the door you simply have to turn the hands of the clock to reveal a secret little chamber. Inside the secret chamber is a purple bookshelf. There is a lot of detail in the décor surrounding the bookshelf.

The playset comes with a lot of cool accessories including two little grey chairs, a purple laptop and white cup, a beautiful chaise lounge chair in black and pink with its accompanying purple table. There’s a mat to sit on the table and a little black book with a skull head on the front. You also get a yellow necklace, a black and pink table and seat for the bottom level furniture, a green bite-ology book, an orange tray with eyeballs, a green punch bowl with a cute little pink ladle, an orange candle and a blue water dispenser. There are many more accessories included!

There are seven hooks throughout the playset to attach your dolls to.  There’s one in the secret chamber, three on the bottom chamber, one on the stairwell that moves up and down the level, two on the second level. There are two extra hooks on the tombstones making it nine in total.

As you can see, this playset is packed full of cool little features and opens the door to a lot of imaginative play. While it’s not particularly cheap, it does have a lot to offer and isn’t too pricey when compared to many other playsets that are a lot smaller in size and less detailed. Standing up this playset reaches 26 inches!

It will require assembly and does look daunting when you take out all the pieces but it is actually easy to assemble. We have included a video below to help show you the steps required to put it together.

  • Explore the creepy cool catacombs seen in Freaky Fusion and display your collection of Monster High dolls (sold separately)
  • With three levels and multiple play spaces, the set can display more than 15 dolls – extra doll clips increase the play and display possibilities
  • Take the elevator between floors or open the gate to use the stairs
  • Spin the courtyard table to see the eerie eyes appear on the rotating column and to activate the party chandelier
  • Flip the pool to reveal a spooktacular party scene or place the clock hands on 1 and 3 to gain entry into the secret lab

This is available on and is recommended for kids aged 6 and over.