Mr Knocky the Little Drummer!

Mr Knocky“Knock Knock!”

“Who’s There?!”

“Mr Knocky!”

“Mr Knocky Who?!”

“Mr Knocky the Little Drummer!”

Yes, that’s right, it’s Mr Knocky the little drummer toy who’s come to play! All you have to do is grip the two handles, mime a beat and Mr Knocky will follow your rhythm and play the beat. It’s like he has a mind of his own!

If you like you can clip on his moustache to turn him into Señor Knocky, and he can be played like a musical instrument. He’s quite possibly one of the most unique musical instruments you will find! You can even customize the sound by adjusting the angles of his arms. No batteries required!

  •  Turn your manic air drumming…into real drumming!
  •  Detachable drums – swap them out for bean tins or shrunken heads
  •  Lanyard to hang him round your neck while you’re thrashing
  •  Adjust Knocky’s masculinity with the included clip-on moustache
  •  Do a ‘Keith Moon’ and smash it to pieces when you finish playing

Watch him in action!

Mr Knocky will be a great hit for anyone that likes something inventive or any music lover or noise maker. He’s available from for £29.99.