The Indoor & Outdoor Parrot Rolling Spider can do flips and cool manoeuvres, which you can learn as you play with and master its controls. It has a range of around 20 meters and is controlled using your smartphone and will reach an impressive speed of around 18km per hour. There is an embedded 360px mini-camera loaded inside too so you can see where you are flying without having to see the drone itself. This makes it even more exciting to fly!

It’s important to note that this Parrot Rolling Spider is only compatible with smartphones and tablets running iOS 7.1 and above or Android and Windows phone 8.1.

It works with or without its wheels so you can roll it around on the two wheels and fly it with the wheels intact or you can take the wheels off and use it like a mini drone helicopter.

The drone is very easy to set up and is really lightweight at just 55 grams. When its fully constructed it feels pretty sturdy and is much more robust than many cheaper models available. It’s easy to fly, hovers really easily with the app controls. While it’s easy to get this to roll across the ground, it proves more difficult to get it to roll up and down walls, which requires precise controlling.

The battery takes just an hour to charge and this will give you around 8 minutes flying time with the wheels, which will drop off to about 6 with the wheels on.  It’s controlled using Bluetooth, and ihas an ultrasonic sensor to make sure you are more precise when flying it low to the ground.

Overall we think you will have a lot of fun playing with the Parrot Rolling Spider. It’s made to a high standard of quality. The only downside is the fly-time which isn’t too bad considering it only requires an hour to re-charge.

It’s recommended for ages 13 years and over and is available for £69.99 from