Scalextric Team Mini Challenge Set

Scalextric Team Mini Challenge Set 3Scalextric Team Mini Challenge Set 2

The two Team Scalextric Mini Challenge racers go head-to-head in this set. Build four different layouts with the track supplied. This set includes a lap counter for even more excitement. The Super Resistant MINI Coopers are tough enough for full impact racing. Watch them in action!

  • A pair of Mini Coopers go head-to-head in this Team Scalextric Mini Challenge Set
  • Lap counter included to add an extra dimension to racing as well as two Speed Settings
  • Super resistant cars feature easy change pick-ups and the Magnatraction system and are digital plug ready
  • Build four different track layouts with track provided
  • Track length 484cm requiring 191cm x 132cm space

If you’d like to pick this Scalextric up it’s available for purchase from