Sesame Street Neighbourhood Playset

Sesame Street Neighbourhood Playset 2


Encourage young children to spend less time watching TV and get interactive without missing out on their favourite Sesame Street characters.

Many of us grew up with Sesame Street as children and spent many hours watching the show. We know the characters and neighbourhood that have become iconic and popular for many generations. The sesame Street Neighborhood Playset helps kids enjoy their favorite Sesame Street characters with their imagination and creativity.

The set includes the neighbourhood playset and two characters. It’s a shame it doesn’t include al characters, but you do get the much loved Elmo and Cookie Monster. Any other figures are sold separately.

The doors in the playset open and close, and an interactive small fruit and veg store that has a little roller with three letters (A, B & C) for Apples, Bananas and Carrots. There are plenty of locations that the Sesame Street figures can be fixed on so that they can travel around the neighbourhood.

The inside consists of a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and the inside of Hooper’s store. Each room has a ledge and window so they can look outside into the neighbourhood.

When playtime is over, the figures can be easily placed inside the playset and it closes nice and compact for easy storage. It also has a handle so it can be carried around with ease.

Overall, it is a nice playset that encourages use of your imagination so we do like it, but it’s just a shame that it doesn’t come with a few more characters. Having said this, the figures are available at a decent price if you shop around. You can pick up this set on and it’s recommended for ages 18 months to 4 years old.