Spy Net: Spy Strike Laser Dueling System

Get kids engaged and playing outdoors by putting their sharp-shooting skills to the test with this fun packed Laser Dueling System.

These precise laser guns fire infra-red beams using target sensors that can be worn to play opponents, or set up as a target to play solo. It takes just minutes to set up, it’s light, sturdy and accurate when aiming at the targets. It also has great range cool sound effects. It’s easy to hit someone 300 feet away!

The gun has a reload, reset and neutralize button. Once you have taken 25 “shots” the gun will stop shooting lasers until you hit the reload button to replenish the ammo. When you hit an opponent by pressing the neutralize button their gun will freeze for 15 seconds (stopping them from being able to shoot).

They are good for close to medium range combat inside or outside. If you have white walls indoors you may want to avoid using them inside since the infra red beams tend to bounce off white walls quite easily. This set is recommended for ages 8 years old and over but they can be great fun for younger kids too.

  • 2 set of laser gun and sensors
  • Laser tag game for Spies
  • Solo Training Mode
  • Head to Head Battle Mode

Recommended for kids aged 8 years and over, and it’s available for purchase from¬†Amazon.co.uk