Zero Blaster Smoke Ring Gun: Blasts Fog Rings As Far As 12 Feet!

The Green Zero Smoke Blaster is a safe, non-toxic smoke blaster for kids or adults looking to show off some smoke blasting skills! It's a toy that offers kids hours of fun!We’ve seen smoke rings in cartoons and films for years. The Green Zero Smoke Ring Blaster is a toy that creates non-toxic smoke rings that provide hours of fun for kids and adults. Kids often chase the rings like they go chasing bubbles. The rings really are fascinating to watch.

It’s extremely easy to use, and with a bit of practise you will be captivated as you see the size of the rings increase in diameter. You simply pour water into the blaster, and watch as the kid’s blast out the fog rings, which expand as they travel through the air. The Green Zero Blaster will shoot rings up to a staggering 12 feet!

The Zero Blaster makes a ‘blast’ sound effect and has an on / off switch in case you want to turn the sound off. While it claims to reach up to 12 feet, 6 – 8 feet is more realistic, but they can go further in ideal conditions.

The blaster has it’s educational uses as it gives a lot of insight into the principles of physics. It is recommended for ages of around 8 years old +. Younger children may find it a little too big to play with. Adults will love it!

The Verdict?

Kids and adults for that matter love toys that are creative and different, which is why we’re recommending this. It’s fun, it’s different, and it’s completely safe. There is no complicated set up. Simply add water and away you go. Watch it in action below…

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